Auction Benefits

  1. Sell in 30 to 60 Days
  2. Sell with NO Contingencies
  3. Sell "As - Is"
  4. Eliminate Holding Expenses
  5. Attract Quality Buyers
  6. Safety Net Reserve
  7. Sell On Exact Day You Want
Qualify Your Property

Why Sell At Auction

The auction method offers the seller the ability to set the parameters of the sale of their property.  Property owners and real estate professionals alike are increasingly turning to the auction method of marketing as an efficient solution to selling real estate quickly.  Sellers easily recognize the advantages that the auction method of marketing can achieve by accelerating the sale of the property in the most cost effective manner. Obtaining the highest price in the shortest period of time is the main goal for real estate sellers.  In today's market, accomplishing this goal can be rather challenging, however, not impossible.  

At its essence, the auction method is about competition.  The auction process places quality buyers in a competitive bidding war contest for the privilege of buying your property.   A tailored marketing plan is created for your specific property type and aggressively implemented to insure maximum exposure. Since you as the seller control the terms and conditions of the sale, prospective buyers are forced into a point of action dictated by a concentrated timeframe. Whether you're selling a house, commercial property, farm, luxury home, or vacant land, the auction method allows you to obtain the highest price possible in the shortest period of time.
Real Estate Auction Bid Signs

Here’s What The Auction Method Of Selling Real Estate Can Do For You:

Sell in 30 - 60 days: The auction process is based on urgency and encourages serious buyers to take immediate action. Conversely, listing a property through the traditional style of real estate and waiting for offers creates little urgency and lessens the chance of buyers soliciting offers.  Having a specified date on which you intend to sell creates a sense of urgency and helps to speed up the entire sales process.

Provide you control over the sales process: You set the date and time of the sale, as well as the terms and conditions. Because potential buyers know you are committed to sell on a specific date, they do their due diligence in advance and show up prepared to bid, freeing you from the hassle of dealing with insincere offers and contract contingencies. 

Obtain maximum property exposure: By compressing the sales period, a more aggressive marketing strategy can be implemented, ultimately, providing maximum visibility for your property. In addition, the marketing campaign is tailored to reach the target market most likely to be interested in your property. 

Obtain a fair market price: Many properties have few, or outdated "comparable sales" upon which to base a true appraisal. As a result, the seller runs the risk of asking too much or too little. An auction eliminates that problem because it establishes the real market price. In fact, an auction is the purest method for establishing the true market price based on the "highest and best" use of the property. 

Close in 30 days or less after the auction - Without Contingencies: If you've ever "sold" a property contingent on financing or on the sale of the buyer's property, you are well aware of how frustrating, and oftentimes expensive it can be. The auction method of selling is contingency free, so you'll be able to make plans based on an on-time closing. 

Eliminate the cost of holding your property: A property that remains on the market for an extended period can become a serious financial burden and slowly erode your properties equity. Mortgage payments, maintenance, taxes and insurance can add up to thousands of dollars a month for some properties. Selling at auction helps you eliminate those costs that erode your equity and places you in a position to net the highest price possible. 

Reach the broadest possible market of qualified bidders: Because the lead time in a real estate auction is short, the marketing program must be comprehensive, intense, and targeted to prospective buyers.  Auction marketing programs will include, but are not limited to:  direct mail advertising, print advertising (local, regional, and/or national newspapers, magazines, trade journals, etc.), and signs (attention grabbing signs posted on or about the premises).  Additionally, techniques such as telemarketing, radio, TV, and billboards can be utilized to broaden and enhance market exposure. 

Selling via the auction method is an excellent option for owners seeking a quick solution to their real estate selling needs.  Now that you have a better understanding of what the auction method of selling real estate can provide, determining whether or not your property and situation qualifies.

It's Free & Easy 

It's time to reshape the way we think about selling real estate.  Stop waiting and hoping, start taking control and engaging.  Sell Your Property In 30 to 60 Days So You Can Move Forward With Your Life.

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