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  2. Sell with NO Contingencies
  3. Sell "As - Is"
  4. Eliminate Holding Expenses
  5. Attract Quality Buyers
  6. Safety Net Reserve
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Qualify Your Property

Is The Auction Method Right For Me?

Auctions can be successful for many different types of property in both good and bad economic times. Homes, commercial properties, estates, land, luxury properties, farms/ranches, historic buildings, and development projects have all benefited from the auction method of marketing.

The auction method is a powerful selling tool that revolves around competition. The overall auction process places quality buyers in a competitive bidding war for the right to own or "win" your property. The result is a sold property at true market value in a concentrated time frame. 
Keys People

Although selling your property through the auction method can produce a very quick and efficient solution to selling different types of real estate, the auction method is not necessarily ideal for everyone. The first step is to properly analyze your particular situation to determine whether or not your property qualifies and, ultimately, whether utilizing the auction method is the right action for your particular situation.

A dependable process commonly used to determine whether the auction method is the correct marketing strategy for a particular property is to evaluate three different criteria:  Market, Seller, and Property.  If two of the these three main components in a real estate transaction describe your particular property and situation, then the auction method of marketing should be strongly considered.
Do these characteristics describe the market?
  1. a changing market
  2. a dull market -- too much product but with buyer interest
  3. not enough of the particular property type (unique, lake front, etc.)
  4. an emerging market -- for example, a new development whose sales could take off once some properties are sold
  5. a seller's market with high demand and high competition

Auction situations are enhanced when the market is in flux and adapting to economic change, when there are sluggish market conditions with interested buyers in the market, and when there is a shortage of a particular property type or location. Investors with cash looking for better returns than the financial investment markets can offer are excellent prospective buyers for purchasing income producing properties.

Do these characteristics describe the seller?
  1. needs immediate cash
  2. is moving out of state
  3. is retiring
  4. has a listing that is about to expire
  5. knows auction will bring fair market price
  6. has high carrying costs on their property
  7. going through a divorce
  8. wants to liquidate an estate
  9. is an auction minded seller
  10. already purchased another home
  11. has financial problems

A seller in need of immediate cash, a retiring business owner, liquidation of an estate to satisfy heirs, impending divorce for property owners, relocation, homeowners and investors with financing or refinancing difficulties - all criteria that indicates auction marketing as a viable option for a quick and efficient sale.  Luxury homes, farm and ranch, vacant land, as well as financial institutions reducing their real estate portfolio loan exposure and costs all commonly use the auction option to convert assets into cash and avoid future expense.

Do these characteristics describe the property?
  1. carries a lot of equity (25% or more)
  2. unique - enough market interest to encourage competition
  3. burdening the owner with high carrying costs
  4. vacant - vacant properties may encourage vandalism
  5. difficult to appraise - unique properties are difficult to appraise

The specific property characteristics that are conducive to auction include properties with 25% equity or more, properties with high carrying costs (maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance, etc), vacant properties, unique or difficult to appraise properties, distressed or foreclosed properties, and properties that suit a specific use and are timely in suiting market demand.

Does your property and situation fit into at least two of the three main criteria listed above?  If so, you're an excellent candidate for selling through the auction method of marketing.  Quickly solve your real estate needs so you can move forward with your life.  

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