Auction Benefits

  1. Sell in 30 to 60 Days
  2. Sell with NO Contingencies
  3. Sell "As - Is"
  4. Eliminate Holding Expenses
  5. Attract Quality Buyers
  6. Safety Net Reserve
  7. Sell On Exact Day You Want
Qualify Your Property

Sellers Are Turning To Auctions For Quick RESULTS

The pace of traditional sales methods oftentimes leave real estate languishing on the market for months on end or even years.  The long wait can quickly become a burden both financially and emotionally. 

Selling your home quickly at top market value can be challenging in today's market, however, not impossible.  With the market conditions and economy changing ever so rapidly, so to must the process of marketing and selling real estate.  The auction selling method offers an efficient and effective sales option, exposes your property to a wider market of qualified buyers and, ultimately, allows you to obtain true market value price in the shortest period of time - all without the hassles and costs inherent with the traditional selling method.

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How Can The Auction Method Benefit Me?

Sell in 30 to 60 Days.  The auction method implements an aggressive, condensed marketing plan with a specific selling date - usually 30 to 60 days after the initiation of the marketing campaign. The overall process creates urgency and encourages serious buyers to take immediate action or lose out on the opportunity to own your property.  

Eliminate Holding Costs.  A property that remains on the market for an extended period can become a serious burden both financially and emotionally. Mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and maintenance can become very costly as months and even years pass by.  The condensed selling timeline of a real estate auction helps eliminate these costly expenses. 

Seller in Control.  The seller is in control of the sales process by forcing buyers to participate under the sellers' terms and conditions.  The auction process eliminates unreasonable contingencies and lengthy negotiations that can, ultimately, tie up the sellers’ property for months on end or even years. You control the terms and conditions!

Maximum Property Exposure. The marketing campaign focus is on only your property, not any property that happens to be included in a multiple listing service. The marketing plan schematically targets local, national, and global buyers willing and able to act. The overall process results in quality buyers competing for the right to own your property on auction day. 

Selling Your Real Estate At Auction Is Ideal If
  1. Seek a quick sale at top current market value
  2. Prefer to sell your real estate without the inconvenience of ongoing showings at all hours of the day.
  3. Own a property that is unique and difficult to appraise.
  4. Have an estate that needs to be liquidated and funds distributed to beneficiaries.
  5. Understand the time value of money and want a quick solution so you can move forward.

Auctions can be beneficial for many different types of real estate and situations, including, but not limited to:  private homeowners, commercial property, estates, farmland, businesses, historic buildings, financial institutions, and developers.  The best candidates for utilizing the auction method are owners who want their real estate sold quickly and understand the time value of money.  Real estate owners who want to move on with their lives without the burden of an unsold property and recognize that competition can drive the price higher than a listed property are excellent candidates.

Savvy owners are turning to real estate auctioneers to implement the accelerated marketing approach for an efficient and effective selling option.  Auctions are quickly increasing in popularity as sellers see the benefits the auction option affords. 

It's Free & Easy 

It's time to reshape the way we think about selling real estate.  Stop waiting and hoping, start taking control and engaging.  Sell Your Property In 30 to 60 Days So You Can Move Forward With Your Life.

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